Analysis and correction of the swimming technique

Finished earpieces to communicate with the coach
Underwater video socket (panasonic camera)
50m heated pool

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Evaluation and optimization of your swimming technique

With our video footage taken out of the water and underwater at various swimming speeds and angles, we are able to identify flaws that are sometimes imperceptible to the naked eye from the poolside.

If you feel that your swimming performance has reached a plateau, video analysis of your crawl will help identify key areas to focus on. We will then be able to provide you with education to improve your swimming technique and overall performance. (Duration: 1H).

For the analysis and correction of the swimming technique

  • Underwater video capture (Panasonic camera)
  • Finis earphones to communicate with the coach
  • Heated pool of 50m with reservation of the line n°8 to ensure the quality and the proximity of the underwater videos.


*The videos will be sent to the swimmer by whatsapp.

Phase 1

Warm-up period

Phase 2

Underwater video at different speeds

Phase 3

Debriefing between the swimmer and the coach and fitting of the waterproof headphones FINIS

Phase 4

Correction phase where the coach communicates with the swimmer in real time, thanks to the FINIS headset.

Phase 5

Implementation of different exercises to correct technique and improve efficiency

Nans Baral national swimmer and Tri-Academy coach

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