Custom Coaching

Plan your training – Optimize your nutrition

Academy Training Camp

Prepare your goals whatever your level

Academy Lab

Analyze your technique – Evaluate your potential


Training camp – Coaching – Nutrition

 Training and triathlon courses for all levels. From the preparation, to the follow-up and to the accomplishment of the physical and sports objectives that you have set!

A collaboration between people and coaches several times titled in competitions and triathlon. Tri-Academy puts all its skills and expertise at the service of your goals.

Prepare your goals for our  triathlon courses , discover our coaching and nutrition programs   and improve your performance.    

TriATHLON Training camp 2021/2022

Training Camp- Coaching




Academy Lab

Improve your technique, optimize your posture for a better overall performance thanks to high-tech equipment and an experienced and qualified team.


Ideal for the evaluation of the swimming technique


Performance and pedaling optimization system


Analysis of your stride and injury prevention

graduated coaches

Triathlon and coaching courses supervised by qualified professionals with a wide experience in the field of support and the approach of the competition.

Sport & Nutrition

Find the balance between effort and recovery. Discover the power of your success to express your maximum strength, speed and endurance.

individual training

A coach and high-tech equipment to optimize your muscle building and reach your goals faster.



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